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Step by Step Guide how to Approach #ARCHITECTURAL THESIS

Why you need to Read this #BLOG?

Well! I have been in the same place as you when I started my Architectural Thesis. I don’t know from Where to start? How to Proceed? How to Compose Sheets? Or How to Present to the faculties. But gradually I organized data and I went step by step and BOOM …. Guess What? My Thesis came out so detailed and Practical; it was nominated for “top best thesis” from my college. So, I think I can guide you and help you to make #MOST_STANDOUT_THESIS among your classmates.

BUT! First you need to know the IMPORTANCE OF YOUR THESIS

  1. Since you will be fresh graduates after Thesis Semester….. This is the Foundation Level of your Professional life.

  2. If you are going to work in any reputed firm or company, Your Thesis is the #GOLDEN_TICKET.

  3. If you want to collaborate with other renowned architects in some future projects, you gonna be judged in this field on basis of your DAMN THESIS.

  4. Even in some metro cities if you are going to practice of your own YOU GONNA BE JUDGED ON YOUR THESIS. So, In this highly competitive world I think your thesis gives you the TAGLINE that you have to carry throughout your life as an Architect

  5. Not only that, it’s again a VIP PASS for your Higher Studies in Reputed Colleges.

Since NOW you got the IDEA and MY ATTENTION….

So, let’s cut Short ……

Step by Step Guide how to Approach #ARCHITECTURAL THESIS

  1. (#step_1) Decide what your strong point While Designing. (Urban design\Social Design\Modern Arch)

  2. (#step_2) Select a Topic on basis of your Strong Point; Start thinking about your design side by side.

  3. (#step_3) Search for Thesis online on similar topics and get inspired by the vast possibilities and numerous opportunities, if your thesis is not listed online then #LUCKY_YOU, you are going to create History.

  4. (#step_4) Collect data and do Research.

  5. Demographic Study, This will help you to justify the need of the Project.

  6. Simple formulae:(If the number of Children is more in a certain area with less no of school then school is urgently required in that area)

  7. Land use and Master plan

  8. Don’t let By Laws and Standards to restrict you. #GO_BEYOND & DISCOVER

  9. (But you should be confident enough to convince the jury or faculties)

  10. Go for Live Case studies rather sitting online looking for easy Case studies.

  11. Site Visits; Spent time on your site to understand the nature, Livelihoods and Living standards.

  12. Research more for new Technologies and try to incorporate that into your Design, YOU DON’T WANT YOUR THESIS TO BE OUTDATED AND BORING.

  13. (#step_5) when you are done with your Research and Case studies, Time to put down your Pencil and set your laptop aside. SKETCH SKETCH SKETCH.

  14. (#step_6)Everything Depends on your Design Development. Try to have a step by step documentation of your design that will be #MIRACLE for your THESIS JURY.

  15. (#step_7)DESIGN DESIGN AND DESIGN …… Discuss with Thesis Guides and Refine.

  1. (#step_8) Time to Present onto sheets.

Here, comes the Challenge, If your Design is awesome and you lack in Sheet Presentation I think you are going to face problems and serious frustrations So, Try to get inspired by Sheet compositions , Your sheets gonna speak about your Design and Hardwork.

If this Blog help you. Subscribe me and stay tuned. In my next blog I’m going to talk about


I wish to see you there ! HAPPY THESIS

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