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Hello ! Greetings

Pragya is a Licensed Architect from India. She grew up in Kolkata, a city full of Art and culture. She has been passionate about Art right from the age of 3, which made her pursue Architecture as she grew up. She completed her Masters in Architecture from the University of Sydney, NSW , Australia. Her passion for exploring architecture inspired her to Travel around the world experiencing countless cultures, art, design, and Architecture. She started her architectural firm, UPSCALE ARCHITECTS along with her partners which believes in designing with nature, engaging culture, and sustaining them both with a touch of contemporary luxury.


She is also fascinated by the idea of "How Architecture is another form of Art". In 2023 she founded this Conscious and Creative Art Society named "ARTÉCTURE" which aims to explore the Fine Intersection of Art and Architecture. She saw the vision that art has the power to transcend borders, connect cultures, and inspire change, hence this is just the start of something big.


She is also a Design Juror at the University of Sydney and UNSW which are top-ranking universities in Australia, her aesthetic and design knowledge helped her to be a guest lecturer at the University of Sydney.



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