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Do You Believe in Human Energies?

Hello, welcome to my first blog. Guys tell me the truth did u ever thought about:

  1. What are Vibes?

  2. Where these vibes come from?

  3. What are actually Positive and Negative?

  4. Where to start where to end the Positivity and the Negativity?

So many Unanswered Questions……


Let me brief a little today starting with an Example:

Did you know Tress can be killed only by Cursing? Yes, it is True.

On Solomon Islands of the Pacific, there are a large no of trees which are big and enormous and impossible to cut down by manpower. So the people living there practice some curse magic (as they say) to get rid of a tree. What they do is the whole villagers gather and they curse the respected tree for around 30 days. They shout and curse it only, without cutting or touching it, thus as a result the tree itself damages and ultimately it falls.

Now, tell me Why this happens? What do you think? Is there some kind of Real Magic? How?

No, it’s not some Hogwarts magic, LOL. It’s the ENERGIES or some people say VIBES. So, now I guess u guys already have an idea WHAT IS THE REAL POWER OF HUMAN ENERGY AND VIBES? It’s killing a God-dammed big healthy tree – A LIFE.

This shit is real, guys the power you have within yourself is more than u can think of, Though these human energies can bring Rainbows and Sunshine in your life, it can also bring Storm. Stay tuned to know more and discover….

Go ahead to follow me, if u liked my blog, you are going to discover some Great Things about yourself ahead. I welcome every question and criticism. Blessed Be.

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