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Can Architecture Trigger Emotion ?


So did you ever think of the fact why different people prefer different types of interiors? Just look at how designed memorials can trigger emotions like pride, sadness, or gratitude. Human emotions are triggered from the surroundings they live in. So it depends on how you design an interior to make it perfect for your clients. Small simple things can change the entire mood of the space, it may be light or it may be a single bed-cover but yes simple small details matters.

Let me explain you giving examples:

  1. Person mostly lonely, independent or a person who loves to be on their own prefers Minimalism. Less is more (as they say) but sometimes less can be bore and lonely too. But, sometimes minimalism can help us to focus.

  2. Corporate People prefers Sleek Modern Interior since these people think to the point. They are stubborn. They are mundane people with least emotions.

  3. Gypsy hearted person prefers Boho Interior, these are the people who are open to life welcoming every colours and new adventure coming in life, modern and luxury doesn’t matter for these people.

  4. Person with an old soul prefers Classical Interior since “though they live in 20th century, but their heart was stuck in old classical ways and practices.

Emotions in Architecture can also be termed as “Sense of Space” — where the emotion experienced of a particular architecture can be shaped by its “Sense of Space”. Often, “Sense of Space” can help architecture take on a type of personality — and this personality can serve to trigger emotion in its building occupants because it connects with them.

So, for a Successful design, understanding the “Sense of Space” is the most important. You have to understand and read your client and make him realise that “What kind of person he is and how design can help him triggering his emotions for his own further betterment.

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