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Being yourself should be easy, Right?


Many at times it happens you broke down and you make a promise to yourself that: “I am independent , strong , I will be by myself no drama this time, no trusting people this time.” But a day or so history repeats. Then again you promise, again and again, it goes on.

Tell me what makes you do that? It that guilt? Then What?

There are certain people we came across, always judging and comparing. Their hobbies are to make comments and criticize, just to lower the confidence level of you. But see YOU CAN NOT MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY AT ONE POINT OF TIME, so instead of listening to them go ahead YOU MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY. Take control of your emotions and thoughts, so that you can give damn fuck to these people.

Due to lack of Mental and Emotional Growth these people are always there to judge you, so next time whenever u came across such abnormal mentality people think yourself, they are making fool of themselves whereas you are all the way up giving a damn. Suddenly I remembered a song line my Best Friend use to say

“THEY SEE ME ROLLIN’ THEY HATIN’ …… Follow and keep in touch for more such motivations. Thank you

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