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Are you really Strong? What is being Strong actually meant?


Since the last blog I think you guys are aware of the fact that certain energies controls our emotions, feelings , even mental and physical health. You shout, you smile, you cry, for all these you are not responsible, it’s your energies that make u do all these. Person mastering own energies are called as strong person, person who falls into the trap termed as weak one.

Now, what is actually energy? Well it’s not the kind of energy I’m talking about that comes from Redbull and stuff lol. It’s your inner energy and power, Human body act a transformer to convert vibrational energies into our physical form. Thus every person owns his/her own Aura or some amount of charged energy particles surrounding him/her.

For Example: If u see a person, without talking, the first thing comes to your mind by just watching them, that judgement you do during that point of time is the from the aura or the energies that you read of the other person.

Another example: When u meet an Infant child, you feel happy, satisfied, you smile, you rejoice. But when u see a Thief or any action hero u feels different, you feel alert, rage and restless. Why this happens? You suddenly feel many people are avoiding you, you are becoming alone lonely, why? Maybe your energies are speaking something else that’s why people around you are going far away. But you knew you never did anything wrong. These uspoken judgements are due to your energies that radiates through you.

Control it and you can master anything possible in earth. That’s what being Strong means.

Stay tuned to know more and discover….

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