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4 ways of Recycling Rusted Metals while Designing


There are various rusted metal sheets, containers and other junks that you can see in your backyards which are abandoned and they are called as scrape materials, but these scrapes can be the Gemstones in architecture if they are recycled and used aesthetically.

Their Natural Looks are their Assets.

They can be incorporated in following ways.

Exterior Architecture

Exterior skins, Interesting jails and Roofs. These can also be used in Doors and sheds thus giving a very bold, natural and rusted look.



 Decor Furnitures

Selecting the perfect pieces and assembling them after a nice polish results in a very modern yet antique piece of Decor.



Miscellaneous Interior Decorative Elements

Here are some exciting ways to decorate your room…Have you ever thought of exploring the rusted scraps? Well it’s time to recycle them.



Outdoors landscapes

Transform your Outdoors into interesting Landmarks.

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