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#3 Most Important & UNKNOWN STRATEGIES for A Perfect Architectural Portfolio....

Hello Guys! I think you really missed it if you are reading this one. I know there are several Blogs or Articles about “How to make an Awesome Portfolio”. You type in Google you gonna get a number of these.

So, I assume everybody knows the Basic … RIGHT?

But still you are not confident after preparing your PORTFOLIO. Still you feel something is lacking or you are not getting the job or project, 


Time to dig deep!!! And Today I’m gonna tell you the most important and unknown strategies in preparing #PERFECT PORTFOLIO …..

How I Cracked this?

I am a young Architect… Till today I have prepared at least 7 portfolios, every time it came out more polished and more better. So, now I have an idea how to make a perfect portfolio for your Job or Higher Education or for your Client. At Present, It’s the power of my portfolio that convinced everyone starting from client to Collaborating with other Architects . It’s because of my Portfolio I got an offer from one of the Top universities in the World, So what are you waiting for, READ BELOW.

Why Portfolio is Important ?

PORTFOLIO is Your TAGLINE; it’s your BRAND or PRODUCT that you are showcasing. You are gonna be judged on basis of your PORTFOLIO A Perfect PORTFOLIO will help you to reach your Goals easily….

Well, there’s lot more but LET’S CUT SHORT and GET TO THE POINT …….


In order to produce a Strong Impression on your PORTFOLIO, you need to understand and identify your Audience First. A portfolio for a Job, or for a Client or for higher education, all differs from one another.

So, you can’t showcase the same PORTFOLIO everywhere.


Portfolio For A Job / Internship : Study the nature and style of the particular office or architectural firm that you want to join in. It can be Landscape, Interiors, green Architecture and etc. Scroll through their Website or Research and find out how they use to present their work and identify the use of software’s. These will help you in planning the structure of your Portfolio…. what will you include …… 3d or renders or CD drawings or Revit Drawings etc.

  • Portfolio For A  Client: Spend time with your Clients, maybe an Evening Coffee or a Lunch Together , Identify their taste in every aspects of their daily life and  accordingly Design your portfolio , It can be very bright and attractive or subtle and  sober  or Modern style or Vintage style. All depends on the lifestyle of the clients. This is how you can create an impact on their mind which will help you further.   

  • Portfolio For Higher Education: All you need to showcase here is your DESIGN DESIGN & DESIGN …..Design Developments and Process and More of your own work rather than any Internship and Group works. Well! I suggest you … more critical the Designs more exciting is your Portfolio.


Can you imagine how many Portfolio an office receives per day? 100, 200 oh …. It can be 500 or more, and that was a first impression you are creating by sending your Portfolio. If you copy layout or designs, you are disqualified on the first stage, then your character is gonna be judged in the whole professional world. Do you really want that?

Since it’s a serious matter for your career I suggest you to take your lil’ precious time and prepare well and THEN SHOW THEM WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF.

Take it or Leave it.

There are thousands of Portfolio templates available online. Copying Layouts or Designs can help you to reach to a point FAST but you can’t go FAR…. TRUST ME!

People evaluating your Portfolio are doing their job for years, and per day he may receive thousands of portfolios.


Be your own Kind and make HISTORY. You won’t regret.


All you need to remember here is Visual Attraction, You have to control the audience psychology and thinking through your portfolio display. Each and every Detail matters here. If you want to know more about How to nail your sheet presentation , you can read here.

Well I’m sure this will help you with your UPCOMING CHALLENGES  and Subscribe me for more , Stay Tuned.....

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